NPC Firewood

(916) 726-0855
Cell (916) 871-3159
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Unit B (Barn)
Orangevale, CA 95662
PH (916)726-0855
FAX (916)726-0174
(open yr.round)
Valid February - September (any year)
$5.00 Coupon good towards any purchase over $75.00*
$10.00 Coupon good towards any purchase over $125.00*
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11257 S BRIDGE ST.
Gold River,Ca.95670
PH (916)726-0855
Closed for 2015-2016.
Here for 27 years!
See Hazel Location.

REMINDER: The drier your wood is, the better and cleaner it will burn, and the less creosote buildup you will have. Your stove or chimney cleaning needs will not be as frequent, and above all, you will limit yourself and your family to the minimum risk of having a chimney or stove fire. As always, have your fireplace chimney cleaned every 1-2 years depending on cresote buildup.

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