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Cedar Firewood

We are one of the very few companies that sell Cedar Firewood.

Our Cedar Firewood is 16" stacked 4' high in a 2', 4' or 6' rack. 

Cedar wood comes from cedar trees, of which there are several varieties, including Northern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, and others. Cedar is very aromatic and has a strong oder. Cedar twigs catch fire quickly due to the high concentration of cedar oil, and burn cleanly compared to other common woods such as pine and so is a good source for kindling and starting fires.

Wood Heating and Weight Values
Species Million Btu/Cord* Cord Weight
(pounds) **
Cord Weight
(pounds) **
Cedar, Incense 17.8 - 20.1 1800 - 2350 3020 - 3880 If you must burn cedar, use a fireplace screen and monitor the wood constantly to stamp out any sparks.
Cedar, Port Orford 20.7 - 23.4 2100 - 2700 3400 - 4370

* British thermal unit (Btu) values based on specific gravity of 80 cubic feet per cord. 8000 to 8500 Btu per pound for non resinous woods. 8600 to 9700 Btu per pound for resinous woods.

** Weights:
  • Lower value of range assumes 70 cubic feet of wood per cord.
  • Higher value of range assumes 90 cubic feet of wood per cord.
  • Dry weight at 12 percent moisture content.
  • Green weight at 40 to 60 percent moisture content.

All moisture contents based on "wet" wood basis.

REMINDER: The drier your wood is, the better and cleaner it will burn, and the less creosote buildup you will have. Your stove or chimney cleaning needs will not be as frequent, and above all, you will limit yourself and your family to the minimum risk of having a chimney or stove fire. As always, have your fireplace chimney cleaned every 1-2 years depending on cresote buildup.

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